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Beautifully vintage pete-verre handmade quality by Liuli (Tittot) glass bamboo forest teapot with a cup. This is a beautiful art glass, green color, This work is created using the lost wax casting technique, a process last favored by artists in France during the Art Nouveau period. This piece is shaped as a teapot, but actually is a dresser jar trinket box ( cannot be used as a teapot). Measures are 8" 1/2 inches long from cup to handle. 4-" inches diameter  5" inches high. Teapot is highly quality made and finely detailed. Marked at the bottom with Liuli signature Tittot, numbered 379/383. This beautiful teapot is in excellent mint condition, very clean. 

Pete Verre Liuli Crystal Art Glass Bamboo Teapot, Tittot

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