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Please read the description of the items.

Vintage:  Vintage will have minor defects and show signs or former wear, and imperfections. Vintage items will not be 100% free of defects, items will have imperfections, and wear and tear. All wear, tear and imperfections are described in the description in a-point to the photos

Very Good: Item is in near excellent condition for its age but may show minor wear and tear including but not limited to minor tears, stains, but does not affect the wearability of the item. All flaws will be noted in a-point on the photos

Perfect Condition: it means that it has been maintained through the years without any damage. However, in the opposite case to perfection and are beyond what is typically seen in ceramics, crystals or other items than what is sold in they must be mentioned in the description of the Items.

You will receive exactly what is shown in photos. Please look closely at photos and click to the photos to see them larger. If you want some more photos, feel free to email me. I'm very glad to send it.

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